10 easy steps to success in the APP103 affiliate system!

1. Sign up
Choose a username, which you don’t want to change and which will not be a public information. Your data is not public and is secured.
Only your affiliate name will be visible, which can be created in the weboffice after signing up.

2. Login to your weboffice
Login to your weboffice and provide your full details on your profile page.

3. Create your affiliate site
Your affiliate link look like: https://app103.com/the_name_you_choose
This is the only data that the person to whom you signed up will see and also this is the only information that can be seen by the people, who your refer APP103 to.

4. Train yourself
Study the advantages of APP103:


5. Share and send
Share and send your affiliate link to your friends.
Your affiliate link will look like: https://app103.com/the_name_you_choose

6. Be active online
Be active online, on social media and on free classified ad sites.

7. Do it systematically
Do the activities mentioned in points 5. and 6. every day. Your perseverance will be productive.

8. Bring developers
Recommend app developers because you can make money this way too (more details soon, this possibility will be available starting in March).

9. Weekly activity
The prelaunch period will be followed by the official launch (in May 2017.). After this buy 1 application worth at least 1 USD each week, because it is the only requirement to be entitled for commission.

10. Enjoy your results
Cash out your commission and make your dreams come true.

All transactions will be available in the weboffice and your commission will be on your virtual account, which you will be able to transfer to your credit card provided by our financial service partner. So you can access your commission generated by your recommendations for each and every week. Commission payment to your virtual account is on a weekly basis.

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